The Frog Scientist

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The discoverer of atrazine’s toxicity defies biotech giants. By Stuart Coleman// January 16, 2013 // Originally published on DR. TYRONE HAYES // Growing up in a segregated town in South Carolina, the young Tyrone Hayes studied tadpoles in his yard and won a scholarship to Harvard. As a professor of … Continue reading

Plastic Fantastic Love


In the age of plastic, how do we kick the habit? By Stuart Coleman // August 24, 2011 // Originally published on Addiction is a slippery downward spiral that transforms substances we once enjoyed in moderation to something we can’t seem to live without. Think cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. … Continue reading

Andy Irons Joins Hawaii’s Pantheon of Surfing Legends


Stuart Holmes Coleman’s “Eddie Would Go: The Story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian Hero” (MindRaisingPress, 2002; St. Martin’s Press, 2004) is a gripping biography that sets the shy surfer’s rise from poverty to fame against the parallel rise in Native Hawaiian consciousness in the diverse world of modern Hawai’i. Continue reading



A local law professor reports from Denmark By Stuart Coleman // December 16, 2009 // Originally published on   MAXINE BURKETT // Maxine Burkett, an associate professor at the University of Hawaii’s Richardson School of Law, is currently attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Burkett also … Continue reading

Writing the Wild Westside (Coleman’s Interview in Free Surf Mag)


O‘ahu’s Westside has a deep tradition of being rough, rugged and Hawaiian. And for good reason. Author Stuart Coleman bore through the hype and stereotypes to research and explore the recent history of surfing and tradition at Makaha in his just-released book, Fierce Heart: The Story of Makaha and the Soul of Hawaiian Surfing. Coleman had an epiphany while working on his first book, Eddie Would Go: Story of Eddie Aikau Hawaiian Hero, and saw the compelling story of surfing and culture embedded at Makaha through the Keaulana ‘ohana and extended family. Now, he’s taking the story worldwide. Continue reading