The Triple Bottom Line With a Twist

Shanah Trevena

Social entrepreneurs embrace the people, planet, profit mantra and add a local twist to sustainable business practices In a faraway land, there lived a wise king who wanted to defend his country from powerful outside forces. To protect his kingdom and provide prosperity for his people, he created a code of … Continue reading

The Dangers of Microbeads

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// By: Stuart Coleman // January-February 2014 // Originally published on // Leaders against plastic pollution, Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins ask cosmetics companies to rethink “microbeads.” Researchers Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins were taking water samples from Lakes Erie, Huron, and Superior in 2012 when they noticed something … Continue reading

Miraculous Meeting in a Sea of Junk


  // By Stuart H. Coleman // Originally published in Sierra Magazine // On their three-month journey from Long Beach to Honolulu aboard the recycled Junk, Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal found plastic in the stomachs of fish caught in the mid-Pacific. “Plastic is forever,” Eriksen blogged, “and it’s everywhere.” On June … Continue reading

Tea with Barack Obama’s sister

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Maya Soetoro-Ng on her “awesome” big brother, his early presidential leanings and their mother’s legacy of hope. // By: Stuart Coleman // October 23, 2008 // Originally published on // When I met Maya Soetoro-Ng at a small cafe in Honolulu last week, we talked mostly about her brother, … Continue reading

Malama I Ka Moana


David Helvarg, author of Saved by the Sea By Stuart Coleman // May 12, 2010 // Originally published on A premier ocean journalist pens a love story. Hawaii’s great waterman, Duke Kahanamoku, used to tell locals and visitors alike, “Never turn your back on the ocean.” He said this … Continue reading

Seaweed Rebellion


By Stuart Coleman // July 5, 2006 // Originally published on For a long time, environmentalists in America have been viewed as little more than prophets crying out in the wilderness. Few heeded their apocalyptic warnings about environmental degradation, species extinction and global warming. That is, until recently. With … Continue reading

A Most Interesting Man


 A Most Interesting Man: Marcus Eriksen // By Stuart Coleman // July 03 2010 // Originally published // The first time I spoke to Marcus Eriksen, I knew he was like no man I had ever met. It was in August of 2008, and he and another environmental activist … Continue reading

The Hidden Tsunami of Debris

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By Stuart Coleman // September 26, 2012 // Originally published on One way or another, oceanic waste gets to us. A large, blue container with Japanese writing, which washed ashore near Sea Life Park in mid-September, is the first documented piece of tsunami debris from Japan. Last week, a … Continue reading

Star Voyagers

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By: Stuart Coleman // Originally published on // 2013 July-August In his next journey across the Pacific, Hawaiian navigator Nainoa Thompson will chart a course for sustainability.  Looking up at the night sky and trying to find patterns and meaning in the stars can be dizzying. But for the … Continue reading